How to Save Budget On Wedding Catering Services?

Wedding Catering Services


Planning a wedding involves many expenses, with catering often being one of the largest. However, there are ways to cut costs on your wedding food and still provide your guests with a delicious meal. Aastik Caterers offers affordable wedding catering services in Hyderabad to fit a wide range of budgets. We provide a vegetarian and non-veg menu list for weddings, including popular dishes like biryani, tandoori chicken, dal makhani, paneer dishes, and more. Booking your wedding catering prior can help lock in lower per-plate costs. Opting for buffet style rather than seated service also helps lower the per-head expense. Choosing seasonal ingredients and simple menus focused on local cuisine rather than elaborate international dishes also allows us to reduce catering prices. Contact Aastik Caterers to learn more about our budget-friendly wedding catering services near you in the Hyderabad area. Let us help you save on catering costs for your special day.

1. Selecting a Venue With Outside Catering

Finding the perfect wedding venue is the first big task for engaged couples. As you tour reception sites, ask early on if Aastik Caterers and other outside wedding catering services are allowed. Negotiate with places you love that require in-house catering only. Show sample menus and quotes from Aastik demonstrating why you want flexibility in choosing your caterer. The proper venue welcomes reputable companies like Aastik Caterers. Together, review logistics – kitchen access, water/power sources, parking availability, and staging space. Expert wedding catering services can work in nearly any setting but prefer to see layouts and facilities ahead of time. Choose your Aastik Caterers dream menu first, communicating special dietary needs and cuisine preferences that showcase your heritage. Then, select a venue that gives freedom over catering and confidence in Aastik’s ability to deliver.

2. Reduce the Number of Guests on Your List

Trimming your wedding guest list can significantly lower costs for your Hyderabad wedding venue, Wedding Catering Services, and other expenses. First, carefully evaluate must-invite family, determining if distant relatives or fringe friends are necessary. Also, discuss if your wedding venues in Hyderabad could accommodate your ideal attendance; would a smaller ceremony and reception feel more intimate? Fewer guests mean lower catering bills for quality Hyderabad wedding food. Alternatively, chat with wedding caterers about providing budget-friendly Indian buffet menus if you must accommodate larger parties across two more moderate venues. Prioritize those you want to present on your special day. Explaining budget limitations can help shrink your list while preserving key bonds with your nearest and dearest. With a leaner guest roster, the focus stays on celebrating together.

3. Serving Seasonal and Local Ingredients

Incorporating seasonal and locally sourced ingredients into your wedding catering menu list can lend fresh flavors to your event. It also supports nearby producers and is budget-friendly. Hyderabad wedding caterers offer menus showcasing the region’s abundant produce. Summer celebrations may feature cool dishes like pani puri, fruit chaat, chilled soups, and refreshing drinks using seasonal citrus and melons. In winter, embrace hearty fare like dum biryani, rich curries, warming lentils, antipasti, chutneys, and hot teas. Discuss personalized menus with your wedding caterer in Hyderabad to feature seasonal and traditional items. We craft customized menus year-round, combining seasonal components with authentic cooking techniques and timeless wedding favorites. Tasting homegrown ingredients will add special nostalgia and originality to your wedding meal. Highlighting local producers also smartly stretches your catering budget.

4. Avoiding Weekends to Save Budget on Wedding Catering Services

Many couples opt for weekend weddings, but there are good reasons to avoid them. A Saturday or Sunday wedding often means higher costs for the venue, catering, and other vendors. Hyderabad wedding catering menu list prices are typically 15-20% higher on weekends. Weekend weddings also be more hectic for the couple and their families. With less time to set up and prepare, stress levels run high. And good luck booking your dream vendors and venue on a Saturday – competition is fierce for weekend wedding dates. Instead, consider a Friday or weekday wedding. The Hyderabad wedding food will taste just as delicious on a Thursday! You’ll likely save money and enjoy a more relaxed experience. Keeping the date flexible increases your options for an affordable, memorable start to married life.

5. Conclusion

As we conclude, the total expenditures for weddings may be large but the right strategy prevents the catering costs from getting out of hand. Choose between chefs and servers, seasonal ingredients, buffet style, limiting alcohol, and your cake as you plan the menu for your marriage party. Adjust your bid with the caterers to a more attractive quantity, leave more flexibility with food options, and establish a habit of inquiring in the early stages to compare quotes. You can go for a creative and budget-balanced menu (which is not too expensive yet tasty) to have great catering taste without having to spend too much money. Determine quality over different options when choosing a pocket-friendly menu that goes in line with your wedding theme.